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“Remember The Young Boy Selling Orange With Sweet Voice”– See His Great Transformation As He Graduate From School

Ayomide Ayodeolu, the talented orange vendor who gained worldwide recognition in 2019 with his exceptional singing voice, has experienced a remarkable transformation as he proudly completes his high school education.

Back in 2019, Ayomide enchanted pedestrians as he knelt beside his tray of oranges, delivering a heartfelt rendition of one of Tope Alabi’s songs. This awe-inspiring performance quickly went viral, capturing the attention of Reverend Esther Ajayi, a compassionate benefactor who offered him a scholarship.

Recently, comedian Woli Arole took to Instagram to contemplate Ayomide’s incredible journey, which began with selling oranges and has now culminated in this significant achievement of graduating from high school. The post served as a powerful reminder of Ayomide’s determination and the opportunities that can arise from a moment of viral recognition.

Arole expressed his sincere gratitude towards Reverend Esther Ajayi for her invaluable financial support that has completely transformed Ayomide’s life. He also revealed Ayomide’s unwavering determination to pursue higher education, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence.

Accompanying the post was a captivating photograph of the accomplished graduate, radiating with an undeniable sense of pride and accomplishment.

Arole’s caption acknowledged the profound significance of the moment, recounting his journey to Ilaro to personally meet Ayomide after being deeply moved by his viral performance. He shared how he had shared Ayomide’s video, actively participated in fundraising efforts on his behalf, and how these endeavors ultimately garnered significant exposure for Ayomide. This exposure eventually led to the remarkable intervention of Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi from Love of Christ Generation, who graciously chose to support and adopt him.

As Ayomide embarks on the next phase of his educational journey, he eagerly embraces the opportunities to expand his knowledge and pursue his aspirations.

Filled with deep gratitude, Arole emphasized the significance of Reverend Esther Ajayi’s contribution to Ayomide’s remarkable achievements. He also acknowledged his own role in uplifting others and facilitating connections with individuals who can help shape destinies, recognizing it as a manifestation of his God-given gifts of influence, media, creativity, and prophecy.

Undoubtedly, this heartwarming story exemplifies the immense impact that support and kindness can have in transforming lives. It serves as a powerful reminder of the inherent potential within each individual to effect meaningful change and pursue their dreams.

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