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“Road To 45th” – Actress Liz Da Silva Say Ahead Of Her 45th Birthday

Da-Silva Elizabeth Omowunmi, a renowned Nigerian actress and filmmaker, recently took to Instagram to share delightful photos of herself donning a captivating traditional outfit in anticipation of her upcoming birthday.

In the enchanting images she posted online, Da-Silva Elizabeth Omowunmi exudes sheer happiness, showcasing a radiant smile on her face. She effortlessly carries off a carefully crafted native attire that perfectly complements her personal style. With an elegant handbag in hand, she strikes various poses for the camera, capturing the essence of her celebratory mood.

Also known as Liz Elizabeth, Da-Silva Elizabeth Omowunmi is a prominent figure in the Nigerian Nollywood industry. In addition to her acting prowess, she is recognized as a movie producer, filmmaker, loving mother, esteemed brand ambassador, and influential personality, boasting an impressive following of approximately 1,700,000 on her Instagram page.

Her noteworthy performances in Yoruba films have earned her accolades, establishing her as one of the industry’s outstanding actresses known for her exceptional acting skills and ability to breathe life into characters on-screen. With an extensive filmography, Liz Elizabeth Omowunmi has graced numerous productions with her talent and unwavering dedication.