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“See As 2go Buttered My Bread”– Nigerian Couple Who Meet On 2go 12years Ago Set To Wed (Pictures)

Florence Nwankpa, a Nigerian bride-to-be, recounted the tale of encountering her fiance twelve years ago on the renowned free mobile social networking platform, 2go.

Nwankpa disclosed this nostalgic story on her Instagram account, commemorating the journey by posting a throwback photo with her partner alongside recent pre-wedding pictures last Friday.

She wrote, “To God be the glory 🙏. To every love, there is a love story 😍😍🥰❤️ 2go remains my best chatting platform because it offered me the most precious gift I could ever ask for.”

“Rewind to 2011 when I met him on 2go, he was bent on having a date with me but I wasn’t ready at the moment. On a certain Saturday morning, he visited my church without prior information.”

“He sat next to me at the other row, (I didn’t notice because I’ve not seen him before) and took pictures of me while service was ongoing🤣.”

“When I got home, I received my pictures taken at closed range inside the church. I was very angry because I wasn’t in my best outfit (Mum’s gown and shoes 🤣🤣🤣).”

“We became very good friends thereafter but I refused to meet him😜. On 6th of Dec 2013, (my birthday 🥰) he called to offer a birthday gift, I sent my younger brother #belikepresh to pick up the gift”.

“My brother came back with a big portrait of my 2go profile picture. I was like huh!, this guy is too forward and intentional.”

“Surprisingly, I got admitted into the university in the same state where he was schooling 😉 and friendship became stronger. Fast forward to now….. we are getting married. #Two2Go2023”

See Some of the picture below;