“See As True Love Make Me Soft Anyhow”- Actress Bimpe Akintunde reveal how her husband adore her

Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde, who recently tied the knot with her long-term partner in a nikah ceremony, expressed her joy on social media.

She is now the third wife of Yousuph O Ganiu, a polygamist with two other spouses.

The actress took the opportunity to share with her fans how true love has made her feel more tender and brought her peace of mind.

She wrote

True Love go just make you soft Anyhow!!!! Thank you oko mii 😛😛😛😛💚💚💚💚
Special Thanks to Almighty Allah for this peace 🙏🙏🙏💐💐
We are outside
Thank you for coming thru Always my Mis

Rasak Ajani Drag Bimpe Akintunde

Famous9ja news recall that a recent Instagram post, Rasak Ajani, a prominent Yoruba movie actor, openly criticized his fellow actress, Bimpe Akintunde. He accused her of interfering in his personal life by discouraging actress Bimbo Thomas from marrying him. Through a video shared on his Instagram page, Rasak revealed that it was actually Bimpe who encouraged him to pursue Bimbo Thomas initially, but then she betrayed him by secretly advising Bimbo not to marry him.

In a candid revelation, Rasak Ajani shared that he, Bimpe Akintunde, and Bimbo Thomas attended a party together, during which Bimpe encouraged him to express his feelings to Bimbo. Acting upon her advice, Rasak took Bimbo on a ride and sincerely expressed his love for her. However, much to his dismay, Bimbo began to ignore him and did not respond to his messages.

Feeling betrayed and hurt, Rasak firmly accused Bimpe of being the one who influenced Bimbo’s decision not to marry him. Despite the interference, Rasak defiantly asserted that he and Bimbo are destined to be together, declaring that nothing will stop their marriage from happening, regardless of Bimpe’s actions.

In the statement he made in the video, he said, “You asked me to toast her, but you still went to tell her not to marry me. We all attended a party together, and you told me to make my move towards her, which I did. We enjoyed a ride in her car, but after I texted her later, she began to ignore my advances. Whether you like it or not, me and Bimbo will eventually get married.”