“See His Mouth! Only You They Eat This Big Bowl”– Fans In Surprise As Lala Dapo Share Viral Video Revealing How He Eat His Food Online (Video)

Nigerian actor and movie producer Lala Dapo caused a stir as he was spotted swiftly devouring Amala.

Dapo appeared to eat with the fervor of a famished lion, as if he hadn’t enjoyed Amala in an extended period.

Expressing his dedication to savoring the meal, he emphasized the need for uninterrupted concentration to fully relish the Amala and Ogunfe in tranquility, requesting not to be disturbed during this indulgence.

Many of his fans tease him that if they can come and Join him while he was eating but it seem the sweetness of the Amala will not allow him to answer anyone at that very moment.

He Wrote: Let me do justice to my Amala and Ogunfe in peace now Haji!

See How Netizen reacted to the video of Lala Dapo eating Amala and Ogunfe Below

Officialtoyinadewale wrote: 😋😋😋😋I can’t wait to have this Olohun….really really looking forward 😋😋😋😂😂😂 Eku ola ooo Baba Oko mi 😂

Mrpirazzy Wrote: Baba I don send my account number…u can’t be chopping life alone 😡😡😡.

Johnson.ogunfeitimi wrote: What is going on here @lala_dapo keep mine, on my way…😂😂😂.

Adedejioluwasegun wrote: U know dey ear word that’s y u dey chop eti eran.

Anuayo31 wrote: 😂😂😂😍😍…..And have been craving for Amala and Ogunfe for days now😍😍.

Seyibonbimo_imisithetre wrote: Boss , please don’t chop alone now please give address 😂😂😂.

Watch the video below;