See how popular nollywood celebrities turn up to celebrate Jide Kosoko’s 70th birthday gala (VIDEO)

Nollywood stalwart Jide Kosoko marked his 70th birthday with a grand celebration. Notable figures in the industry, including Yinka Quadri, Oga Bello, Dele Odule, and Femi Adebayo, joined the festivities, displaying strong solidarity and showering him with love.

Jide Kosoko, the revered figure in Nollywood, reached the remarkable age of 70, sparking immense joy among his fans.

The grand celebration on January 14, 2023, seamlessly combined a lavish party with an uplifting church service, paying homage to the cinematic legend.

A throng of his Nollywood cohorts graced the event, and circulating videos showcased Jide Kosoko and his family delighting in the festivities with guests.

Jide Kosoko, the Nollywood veteran, pulled out all the stops for a grand celebration as he turned 70 on January 12, 2024.

A lavish party was organized, with a multitude of the movie star’s colleagues and well-wishers joining in to mark the special occasion.

Jide Kosoko, along with his daughter Sola Kosoko and other family members, donned coordinated white traditional outfits tailored specifically for the occasion.

Femi Adebayo, a revered peer of Jide Kosoko, took to his Instagram page to showcase moments from the birthday extravaganza.

Accompanied by his father, Oga Bello, and mother, they made a grand entrance, Femi exchanged greetings with senior colleagues like Yinka Quadri, Dele Odule, Baba Aluwe, Saheed Balogun, and others at the venue.

The jubilant celebrant extended the festivities to the church, where a special service was organized to commemorate his milestone age.

In a viral video, actor Kunle Afod ensured Jide Kosoko felt truly special by joyfully showering him with cash on the dance floor, creating a memorable and celebratory moment.

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