“See The Father Of My Unborn Baby”– Drama As A Lady Accuse Popular Actor Ibrahim Yekini Of Impregnant Her

Ibrahim Yekini, a well-known Yoruba actor, recently fell victim to a prank orchestrated by the popular comedian Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy is notorious for pulling pranks on people, often dressing up like a soldier along with his crew when carrying out their tricks.

In this particular incident, Soldier Boy and his team enlisted the help of a newly signed lady to prank Ibrahim Yekini, also known as Itele. The lady, accompanied by Soldier Boy’s crew, blocked Itele’s path while he was on his way to a movie set. She then accused him of getting her pregnant, all in the name of the prank.

At first, Ibrahim Yekini thought it was a harmless joke, but things took an unexpected turn as the issue escalated. Neighbors and other people intervened, taking different sides in the matter.

Soldier Boy’s crew was observed and heard pressuring Itele (Ibrahim Yekini) to get into the car and subject himself to questioning at the barracks. However, Itele strongly refused to comply, stating that he wouldn’t go anywhere. The situation became heated for approximately 8 minutes until Soldier Boy finally intervened and revealed that it was all just a prank. Despite Itele’s warning not to share the video, Soldier Boy went ahead and posted it.

Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele Icon, is a highly skilled Nigerian celebrity, particularly renowned in the Yoruba movie industry. He has earned a prominent reputation for himself in the film world. Read More