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See The House Veteran Actress Iya Gbonkan Is Living Inside Despite How Popular She Is As A Actress (Video)

In a touching display of compassion and generosity, Pastor Abgala Gabriel has taken it upon himself to come to the aid of veteran actress Iya Gbokan, who had appealed for support in completing her house and acquiring a car.

With his remarkable efforts, the esteemed pastor successfully raised millions of Naira in funds, empowering Iya Gbokan to fulfill her dreams and significantly improve her living conditions.

Recently, Iya Gbokan expressed her wish for a car and reached out to her fans for assistance. Deeply moved by her plea, Pastor Abgala Gabriel, renowned for his philanthropic endeavors and unwavering commitment to helping the less fortunate, wasted no time in taking decisive action.

Recognizing the remarkable contributions the actress has made to the entertainment industry and the challenges she currently faces, Pastor Gabriel made a visit to Iya Gbokan’s residence in Osogbo. There, he rallied his supporters and initiated a fundraising campaign to support her aspirations.

The response from the public was nothing short of overwhelming, with an incredible influx of contributions from well-wishers, fans, and individuals deeply touched by Iya Gbokan’s story.

In a remarkably short period of time, Pastor Abgala Gabriel managed to raise an impressive amount of 1.3 million Naira.

Pastor Gabriel made a heartfelt promise to utilize the funds raised to ensure the completion of Iya Gbokan’s house and facilitate the purchase of a car for her.

Watch the videos below: