“See Who’s Turning ONE”- Actress Yetunde Banabas Celebrate Her Daughter Ahead Of Her First Birthday

Princess Gemma, along with the well-known actress, filmmaker, and businesswoman Yetunde Barnabas, also known as Miss Pepeiye, recently delighted their fans by sharing a stunning photo on their official social media accounts.

In the photo, the actress and her adorable daughter were beautifully captured, radiating their charm. Yetunde joyfully expressed, “See who’s turning ONE tomorrow, my biggest Gem,” referring to her beloved daughter.

The heartwarming picture showcased Yetunde’s exemplary motherly love, leaving a truly pleasant impression on viewers. Gemma being her only child, she is determined to provide her with the very best that life has to offer.

She wrote; See who’s turning ONE tommr
Biggest Gem💎 @gemma_olayinka
💃💃💃I am so Emotional right now isn’t GOD GREAT 🙏🏻
Get ready for ur timeline to be flooded…

As fans and celebrities lavished over them in this beautiful film, it provoked online comments. They also offered heartfelt compliments since they admired them. Famous people have sent love emoticons, including Starboy Temidayo, Olayinka Solomon, Damilola Oni, Eniola, and Oluwatobi Adebayo. You both look fantastic, a supporter remarked. Added another admirer, “milk-like skin Dearest you, “.

See her post below;

Congratulations Are In Order As Actress Yetunde Barnabas Surprises Mother with New Car on Her Birthday

Yetunde Barnabas, a renowned Nollywood actress, and her siblings have brought immense joy to their mother by presenting her with an extraordinary birthday present—a shiny new car.

Expressing her delight, the actress shared a touching video on social media that beautifully captured the exact moment her mother received the car gift. In a playful manner, she warmly welcomed her mother into the “red car geng.”

In her post, Yetunde Barnabas expressed her joy, saying, “A little Gift for you, Mama. Welcome to the red car Geng.”

Following the actress’s vow to commemorate her mother’s birthday in a unique manner, this gesture comes to fruition. Additionally, she shared a collection of multigenerational photographs that showcased herself, her mother, and her daughter, Gemma Olayinka.

With a sincere birthday message, the former Miss Pepeye conveyed warm wishes to her mother and acknowledged that her own exquisite figure was inherited from her. Yetunde Barnabas reassured her mother that no one could ever take her place and offered heartfelt prayers for her ongoing achievements and abundance in life.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to my Sweet Mother, Sweet Sixteen Mama
Iya pelumi grandma Gemma
This is where I got my fine body from.
May God continue to bless, protect, and keep you for us, In Jesus Mighty name. You will continue to reap the fruit of your labour. No one can replace you. Love you, my Mama.

The actress also hosted a lovely get-together to celebrate her mother’s new age.”