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“Serious risk” – Nigerian woman delivers baby at 4am, weds at 10am, all in one day

A stunning Nigerian woman amazed social media users when she gave birth at 4:00 am on her wedding day and then managed to attend her wedding at 10:00 am later that same day.

This was captured in a video with the caption: “She gave birth around 4:00 am, then came back to prepare for her wedding at 10:00 am. Women are the strongest.”

The video captures the woman cradling her newborn baby shortly after giving birth. Moments later, she is depicted elegantly dressed in her wedding attire.

The extraordinary occurrence of giving birth and promptly attending her wedding without missing a beat has captured the attention of social media users.

They have inundated the comments section of the post with their thoughts and reactions.

Here are some reactions below:

user9794133812181“Let’s be very very careful with the things we do as women! This is a serious risk! Child birth is no joke!”

Viccom fabrics: “My story I also gave birth around sevent in the morning while programme start by 10am.wasn’t expecting to give birth so early,pregnancy was just 7mont.”

Mercy Ngouajio: “Just imagining red water fall down. Chaiiiii. Any laugh proooofff on wedding dress choooiiiii.”

Maya Simon: “I gave birth around 1am nd went for my wedding with my baby as my little bride by 7am.”

Treasure Land collection: “congratulations dear. for those of you complaining it’s just a wedding and not a vacation. she’ll just go to church for the marriage vow and rush her.”

🦋✨Smile queen: “@🦋✨Smile queen✨🦋: Congratulations o🎉 I also put to bed by 9:58am and rushed to my wedding venue by 10:00am I almost missed my own wedding😏 women are the strongest.”

oma finest: “it can not be me even if strong as the pastor father whatsoever come bless us alone(child dedication we do combined service) T for thank you.”

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