“she fought me for not posting her on social media like others does, but my wife is a good wife”- Actor Peters Ijagbemi spill

In an interview with colleague Biola Bayo on her talk show, Nigerian actor Peter Ijagbemi openly delved into the reasons behind the demise of his marriage.

He candidly revealed that it was his wife who initiated the end of their relationship, citing a series of persistent and escalating issues they encountered during their time together.

Acknowledging his own imperfections, Peter mentioned that despite his flaws, his wife also had shortcomings. He refrained from elaborating further out of respect for their children and because she had been a good wife to him.

Peter detailed their timeline, sharing that they met in 2011, tied the knot in 2016, and separated in 2022. He highlighted that a point of contention between them was his wife’s desire for more public acknowledgment on social media, a matter they often disagreed on.

In his words;“My wife noticed that I wasn’t myself. She has her own flaws, which I don’t want to talk about because we have kids and the internet doesn’t forget. So no matter what I say about her when the kids grow up and go on YouTube, they will see it. So I don’t want to say anything negative about her, because she was good to me. She has her own flaws, I have my own flaws.

We got to a point where we discovered that it wasn’t going to work, we were having issues back to back. She said she couldn’t cope anymore and wanted to go, and I said, ‘No problem if you want to GO’.

We met in 2011, we got married in 2016, and we went our separate ways in 2022. Nobody can know because I don’t flaunt my woman or my relationship on Instagram. At a point, she was fighting me for not posting her on my page”.

Watch him speak below;