“She is so funny”- Sleeping little girl wakes up instantly and dances as Rema’s song, ‘Calm Down’ plays

A young Caucasian girl surprised many on social media by abruptly waking up upon hearing Rema’s song ‘Calm Down’ being played.

In the video, her father, engrossed in a football match, sat beside her as she peacefully slept. The captivating effect of the music grabbed her attention, causing her to wake up unexpectedly, a moment that captured the fascination of online viewers.

Capitalizing on the moment, the father swiftly recorded a video using his mobile phone, playing Rema’s song ‘Calm Down.’

Within a brief span of less than 5 seconds from the song’s start, the young girl abruptly regained consciousness, starting to groove and vibe along with the music.

As the video gained traction on social media, numerous engaged users flooded the comment section, sharing their comparable experiences with the song and other similar instances.

See some reactions below:

Ish: “‎That’s hilarious”

acdc1939: “‎she only needed the first note and she knew instantly it was her jam.”

Terricka: “‎When my man tell me go lay down & I tell him I’m not tired.”

Marla: “‎Lol. I don’t know what it is about this song but my 15 month old does the same thing! Haha.”

WhoYouTalkinBout: “‎Yo this just made my day! What a blessing! Love the hand in the air like this is my jam!”

Raiderz Englishbulldogs: “‎Awww… enjoy every second with them at that age. Before you know it she will be all grown up. I miss my kids at that age my boys are all grown up.”

ladiielove616: “‎Me when I’m drunk at the club and should be heading home , but I hear another good song she’s too cute.”

Kayla Robles: “‎My 2 yr old little girl loves this song! She’s always telling me “play woah woah woah”