So much time lost and so many words left unsaid” Actor Papa Show rejoices as he returns to movie set months after assaulting colleague

After maintaining a prolonged silence in the aftermath of the physical assault on his colleague, Nollywood actor Shoneye Olamilekan, popularly known as Papa Showw, has unexpectedly broken his silence.

The actor, who has maintained a low profile since the incident, is now prepared to return to his work.

Papa Show recently posted a picture on Instagram accompanied by the caption, “Numerous months have passed in silence, countless unspoken words.”

Speaking in proverbs, he said that someone who learns to listen will realise that the birds in the woods are conversing, not just making noise.

Hence, why it’s a new dawn and a new beginning for him.

He revealed that his next production is coming soon as he urged brands to work with him.

“So much time lost, so many words left unsaid. And he who would learn to listen would understand that the birds in the woods are not just making noise but communicating. Hence it’s a new dawn and a new beginning. Let’s make progress Fam.
Been a while I posted a picture here, I hope I still have some people here that missed me.

My next production coming.
Brace up for this one…”.