Spainish FA President Rubiales Finally Resigns Over A Kiss With Player At Women’s World Cup Final

Luis Rubiales, who had been temporarily suspended from his position as President of the Spanish Football Federation, announced his resignation just three weeks after sharing a kiss with player Jenni Hermoso following Spain’s historic Women’s World Cup victory over England in Sydney, Australia.

In a statement posted on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter on Sunday, Rubiales expressed that due to his swift suspension by FIFA, he is unable to resume his role.

Rubiales stated, “Given my rapid suspension by FIFA and the mounting allegations against me, it is evident that I cannot resume my position.”

His temporary suspension by FIFA had already been in effect due to his behavior during the final.

Rubiales also conveyed that he had formally communicated his resignation to interim Spanish federation president Pedro Rocha.

Rubiales is set to step down from his role as a vice president at UEFA, the European football governing body, where he currently receives an annual salary of 250,000 euros ($268,000).

Furthermore, the Spanish female footballer involved, Jenni Hermoso, has lodged a criminal complaint against Rubiales in connection with the kissing incident. Hermoso provided her testimony last Tuesday, potentially exposing Rubiales to the prospect of criminal charges stemming from the encounter with Hermoso.