“Spending Billions on Maybach car but can’t afford Just 400naira c®ndom” — Actor Uche Maduagwu drag Davido

Uche Maduagwu, a polarizing figure in Nollywood, expressed his discontentment regarding the well-known Afrobeat artist Davido, claiming that Davido had allegedly fathered a child with a US model named Anita Brown.

Anita utilized her Instagram platform to make multiple posts wherein she accused Davido of being involved in a committed relationship with her and impregnating her.

To substantiate her assertions, she shared a screenshot purporting to be a conversation between herself and Davido, along with a payment receipt from the artist, who is also known as O.B.O.

Uche Maduagwu took to his Instagram page to express his astonishment and disbelief at the recent revelation. He found it remarkable that the singer, who was able to afford a customized Maybach car worth millions, seemingly neglected to invest a relatively small amount of money in purchasing a condom. This simple precaution could have potentially prevented the scandalous situation that Davido currently finds himself entangled in.

“Wait o! Some people are saying the American woman took advantage of Davido, how? How? You’re supposed to be mourning with my Chioma but you go climb another mountain.

“You spent millions of naira on buying a Maybach, so you no fit spend an ordinary N500 to buy a condom. You no fit! This is wickedness and insensitivity. And you need church deliverance because this is wicked.”

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