“Spoiler Should Please Stay Away From My Movie”- Actor Femi Adebayo appreciate fans with strong warning (Video)

After the successful Netflix debut of “Jagun Jagun” today, Femi Adebayo Salami, a prominent figure in the Nollywood box office, extended his appreciation to colleagues, fans, and supporters.

The epic film, which garnered positive reviews from critics, was lauded as a masterpiece by Femi Adebayo, who expressed his overwhelming gratitude for the support and the encouraging assessments and remarks.

Nevertheless, the actor advised against sharing spoilers on the internet to ensure that those who haven’t watched the movie can fully relish the experience.

“Thank you all for the support thus far it’s so overwhelming reading all your reviews ❤️

but please for the sake of those who haven’t seen Jagunjagun can we please avoid dropping the spoilers !!”

Recall that Femi Adebayo appreciated his father for being a boss, friend , confidant and gist partner, thanked him for showing the right way.

The box office actor revealed how his father was active on production despite the odd hours, stating he was an irreplaceable guide and consulting director for the about to be released project.

Speaking on, Femi Adebayo revealed that he can never be tired of admiring his father’s dedication to him, and as a proud son, he would share his stellar performance to the world.

“Daddy @adebayo.salami – The Legendary!

Hmm! Eegun nla ni keyin igbale!

My father! My boss! My best friend! My confidant! My aproko partner! Adebayo Aremu omo Salami!
Daddy, thank you for showing me the right ways!

Regardless of his age, my father was active by 1am/2am for 45 days of shooting on set! He was an actor, an irreplaceable guide and a Consulting Director for this project. Every piece of advice he gave, contributed to perfecting the production of this movie!

I can never get tired of admiring your dedication to me, Baami!

His acting was beyond stellar as well! The way he immersed himself in his role was ceaselessly entrancing, and it’s no wonder we get lost in his performances.

As a proud son, I can’t wait for the world to witness his brilliance in Jagunjagun, streaming exclusively on Netflix from August 10.”