“Stepping Into Tradition With Grace” – Femi Adebayo Says As He Rock Caftan Outfit In A New Trending Video (Watch)

A Nollywood actor and the producer of the Jagun Jagun film series recently shared on Instagram that he is gracefully embracing tradition.

While the specific tradition he referred to remains unclear, it appears to be related to his choice of traditional attire, as inferred from the context.

The actor reveal that he had pleasure in wearing a bespoke caftan and cap.

He looks very handsome and stunning in the dress.

The post Captions: Stepping into tradition with grace.

I had the pleasure of wearing a stunning bespoke caftan and cap by Kpearl Couture @kpearlcouture . Their craftsmanship is unmatched, capturing the essence of rich Nigerian culture in every stitch. Quality cap by @trendspotter01

Thank you for always coming through. 🇳🇬

Watch The Video Below;

See How Fans React To Her New Video;

Fd_Music: Jagun jagun is d best movie in d world for now…proud of u guys..great improvement..d sky is d limit

Muna.ci9: I respect you deeply. You’re massively blessed with such high-browed mastery at what you do, because I’ve seen Jagun Jagun 3 times already, and it’s only great movies that do that to me, because I’m really hard to please with movies, and I don’t re-watch

Okikijesumoranugba: Islamic Dress is too Sweet Abeg, both for male and female 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

Tokesmiles: E be like say na this person sow that ogunjimi wears too in jagun jagun😂😂😂