“Stingy man” – Lady ridicules toaster who made her food after begging him for money

A young Nigerian lady expresses displeasure with a suitor who, after she requested lunch money, prepared and delivered food along with a love note.

A circulating video on social media documents her unimpressed reaction to the unexpected gesture from the individual in their ‘talking stage.’

Rather than receiving a credit alert from the young man, he surprised her by entering the kitchen to prepare homemade food.

Along with the plate of food came a heartfelt note, expressing his enduring love for the lady and his optimism for a future together.

Sharing the video, she captioned it, “Stingy man😭😭2024 wetin i do you??”

Reactions as lady ridicules toaster who made her food after begging for money
tildajohn2.0 said: “He might not even have the money, but he made effort in cooking for you instead of leaving you starving, that should count for something. Girls with sense of entitlement , then why is she asking for something as lil as food.”

khasome penned: “He cooked and delivered it?? That’s a kind man. Lmaoo. You people don’t know what you have sha.”

crissytish771 said: “She is ungrateful the food looks good and it was made out love and care.”

kingfadekemi opined: “That a kind man. He cooked for are lucky fr
At least he made efforts and delivered it 🥰🥰that’s a good man.”

Watch the video below …