“Strive For Life and Jannah and Not Only Life”- Fans Drags Actor Ibrahim Yekini And Femi Adebayo promoting and For Promoting Alcohol Online

A fan on social media expressed concern about the connection between actor Ibrahim Yekini and actor Femi Adebayo, who recently celebrated International Beer Day.

This concern arose after Femi Adebayo posted about the celebration on his social media page, which takes place on August 5th each year, and the fan’s worry was shared in a comment following that post.

Some of Femi Adebayo’s followers, especially those who practice the Islamic faith, criticized him after he shared a post showing him enjoying a beer.

In reaction to Femi Adebayo’s post, Ibrahim Yekini (Itele) commented with three red heart symbols, usually indicating a strong expression of love, affection, and care.

A fan expressed displeasure at Femi Adebayo’s promotion of alcohol and urged Ibrahim Yekini to advise his colleague to refrain from such actions, in response to Ibrahim’s affectionate comment on the post.

The fan wrote, ” @iteledicon01 You guys are causing shame to muslimhood,Strive for Life and Jannah (Not only Life) Pls advise your self may Allah help us”

Famous9ja Recalled That Femi Adebayo, used social media to celebrate International Beer Day, a day set aside every year to promote and honour beer.

Sharing a photo of himself holding a bottle of Torphy beer, Femi Adebayo who is an ambassador to Torphy Lagar beer captioned the post, “Happy International Beer Day from Trophy, #honorablewagbayi #trophylagerbeer #youdeservearefreshingtrophy.”

International Beer Day, observed on the first Friday of August each year, is a global celebration of beer and the enjoyment it brings to people from different cultures and backgrounds. The day is an opportunity for people to gather with friends and family, share stories, and create new memories over a refreshing pint.