Talented Nigerian artist puts smile on store owner’s face as he draws portrait of her (Video)

A skilled Nigerian artist named Stephen crafted a handmade portrait of a lovely lady, who happens to be a store owner, while seated comfortably in his car, bringing a radiant smile to her face.

An online circulating video showcased the young artist, skillfully using a drawing book and pencil inside his car to create a detailed sketch of the shop owner surrounded by her merchandise.

Upon completing the artwork, Stephen presented the beautiful piece to the lady, who was visibly delighted and pleasantly surprised to receive such a heartfelt and touching gift.

The experience of the lady caught the attention of social media users, prompting them to take to the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

Daddy said, “That’s an amazing talent.”

magicfiingerz👻wizardnailz said, “Naija we too much make them jst give us whole platform al over globe cos na we dey run this social media.”

Zobo_tone said, “Thank you for making her happy, she will never forget this moment.”

walters100% said, “bro that was so great….i love the smile on her face..she won’t forget wat u did for her.”

Femi said, “Wow this is amazing because you attract the kitchen and phenomenal staff of the whole binder.”

Giresse_Mi said, “I hope you’re married eh! Because, however small this gesture may be, its energy is powerful and sometimes creates damage.”

faithito said, “Nice content broda keep doing more of dis u will go vira with it.”

Rodger Bryt said, “hahah…the way she looked at u after finding out ur staring at her while drawing.”

user27491456501434 said, “me want to tell how Jesus look and you draw him me look at Jesus since him rise and went up me have him picture in me.”