“Thank God! I Now Have Freedom To Have Fun And Go Out”– Actress Jinad Abibat Adunni Says As She Revealed Her Method of Breaastfeeding Her Son (Video)

Actress Jinad Abibat Adunni recently turned to Instagram to unveil a convenient method for breastfeeding a baby in the absence of the mother.

In a video she shared, she showcased breast pump products that allow a woman to express breast milk into a feeding bottle, ensuring that the baby can be fed even when the mother isn’t present.

Expressing her thoughts, she highlighted the relief and comfort she experiences when using this method, enabling her to step out and enjoy herself while ensuring the baby’s feeding needs are met.

She Wrote: Now I don’t have to feed @kizzjoe_2023 alone💃

I even have freedom to go out and work, run errands and have fun knowing fully well that he is still getting my breastmilk well

@jidenbreastpump thank you oo
Una really try for this product.
Even the pumping bra is so nice.
They are even starting their sales next week and this pump will be sold for #26,000 instead of the normal #28,500

@jidenbreastpump welldone sis❤️

Watch The Video Below;

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Eni_oyato Wrote: Na it must be from the source ooo all this oyinbo style I won’t take it.

Official_lady_chichi wrote: Pls give my baby food from the source ooo, which kin wahala be this nah.

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