“Thank you lord for how far you have brought me” – Actress Ruth Kadiri celebrates her 36th birthday in grand style

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri marked her 36th birthday by sharing a photo on Instagram, where she expressed heartfelt gratitude to God for the progress in her life. In her post, she acknowledged that God had not only fulfilled every request she had ever made but had also exceeded her expectations.

Thank you lord for how far you have brought me!
Everything I have ever wished for you have  provided and MORE❤

In her thirty six years on earth, Ruth Kadiri has achieved a lot, alternating between acting and movie production. Ruth Kadiri has featured in over seventy movies since she started her career as an actress. When Ruth Kadiri had not gone fully into movie production, she was appearing in movies back to back, and even when she was pregnant, she was still starring in movies.

Ruth Kadiri may not be the only movie producer in Nollywood, but her work stands out because of her choice of actors. A good number of her actors are fresh faces in the industry, with most of them starting out as social media influencers before hitting the big screen. Her work as a movie producers almost has a philanthropic approach to it, as she has helped a lot of young people achieve their dreams to become actors.

Apart from being a superwoman who juggles acting and movie production, Ruth Kadiri is also a wife and mother. She mostly keeps her family life private, with only a few pictures on social media that commemorate special events.

For a while now, Ruth Kadiri has distanced herself a bit from the movie industry as a member, and has instead focused on her work as an independent filmmaker. A while back, she called out Nollywood for being partial in awarding actors for their performance, citing foul play. Since then, she has managed to stay away from Nollywood while making her movies on her own.