“Thanks for spicing our world so amazingly, Olori Mi”– Actor Muyiwa Ademola Appreciate His Beautiful Wife Olori Omolara Akanke With This…. Video Trend Online

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola expressed gratitude on Instagram for his lovely wife, Olori Omolara Akanke.

He appreciates her as a remarkable woman who stands by him through life’s storms.

Muyiwa extends his thanks for the peace she brings into his life and for being the supportive partner he can lean on.

The video shared by the actor has gone viral online, receiving praise from both fellow celebrities and fans who commend his wife for her admirable qualities.

He Wrote: Thanks You Olori Omolara Akanke. Thank you for being so wonderful, awesome and special. Thank you for giving me a shoulder to lean on. Thanks for spicing our world so amazingly. Thanks for being You, Thanks for the peace and all you do. I appreciate the tiniest of your good deeds. On behalf of myself and the kids, I say THANK YOU LOVE ❤️.

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Holuwa_folakemii wrote: God bless you forever ma. You shall surely reap the fruits of your labor ma. We appreciate you always ma🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

3emberfabrics wrote: Thank you maami Akanke may the good lord continue to bless you 🙏

Popoolaifedolapo8 wrote: Hmmmmm! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is a good thing but sweeter with a good partner. Thank you to ma’am Omolara Akanke Muyiwa Ademola. ❤️❤️❤️

Leke_mrs wrote: Baba you don talk say na she be peace o ehen. Thank you ma we appreciate you on his behalf.

Radiantlook_bumshaka wrote: Beautiful woman longest time…a beauty to behold our primary place of assignment was thesame back then..

Oloriakin2007 wrote: When you see SM marriages, you will appreciate your wife over and over especially when it’s long distance marriage.🙌❤️

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