“Thanks To God and My Family Who Rescue Me From Lizzy Anjorin’s Captives After Our Secret Wedding” Jibo Morgan, Ex-husband Of Lizzy Anjorin Reveals ‎(Details)

Elizabeth Anjorin, a former Yoruba actress and a mother of two, privately wed her long-time partner, Jibo Morgan, in a low-key ceremony held in Lagos on June 16, 2015.

The intimate event was attended by a select group of close friends and family. Anjorin expressed her joy by sharing a photo with her husband across various social media platforms, captioned with “Thank God, At Last.”

However, after a few months, Jibo quietly terminated the marriage with the former actress Lizzy Anjorin, causing concern among many friends and family members who were aware of their union.

In an interview with a popular radio station in Lagos, he says..

We Welcome You Mr Jibo Morgan..

Jibo: Thank you

How Are You Doing?

Jibo: Great..

How Is Your Music Career Going?

Jibo: I am still very much around, just took a break..

Where Have You Been After Your Marriage With Lizzy Anjorin?

Jibo Morgan: I have been working, traveling and doing my music..

What Happens Between You And Your Ex-wife, Lizzy Anjorin?

Jibo: We are cool, just friends..

What Really happened?

Jibo: We were not meant to be together, it was a family thing at first, my family never accepted her and I later discovered so many things about her that I was not comfortable with so I had to walk away…

Many Things Like What?

Jibo: That’s a personal issue I don’t want to talk about..

Can You Tell Us Part Of It?

Jibo: I discovered the reason my family doesn’t want her in the first place, She is controlling, not ready to be submissive as a wife and fetish.


Jibo: Yes, my family rescued me from her captives.

How Do You Mean?

Jibo: Lizzy is a boss lady and tough ..