“The Devil is a Liar, God is always in control” — Banky W breaks silence during church program, amidst cheating allegations

Banky W, the well-known singer turned pastor, made a courageous statement as he discussed the controversies surrounding allegations of his participation in a cheating scandal with a former colleague.

During his sermon at Waterbrook Church on Sunday, June 25, 2023, Banky W openly shared his personal encounters, shedding light on the efforts made by his adversaries to undermine him. He emphasized the supreme power of God throughout his message.

The pastor also alluded to difficult situations that almost prevented him from delivering the pivotal message of the day’s program, titled ‘The Prison of Pornography.’

Commencing his sermon, the preacher conveyed the following sentiments:

“The intentions of the devil were clear – he did not want this message to reach your ears. In fact, he attempted to prevent us from even delving into this series. But let me assure you, the devil is a deceiver, and ultimately, God is the one in control.”

“The devil strives to keep us bound; as the Bible states, ‘the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.’ Those who remain unaware of their own bondage are the ones who struggle to find true freedom.”

He proceeded to address the sensitive topic of ‘pornography,’ acknowledging how many preachers intentionally avoid discussing it. However, he revealed that he himself had been trapped in the prison of adult films.

Watch the video below;