“The Face Make-up Cannot Do Does Not Exist” – Fans Amazed as Actress Ariyo Oluwakemi Apesin Shares Beautiful Pictures

Famous Yoruba actress Ariyo Oluwakemi Apesin, commonly known as Kemity, recently shared her stunning appearance on social media as she attended a wedding as a guest.

In the picture posted on her Instagram, Kemity looked exceptionally beautiful adorned in traditional Yoruba attire called “lase.”

The makeup she wore enhanced her features and transformed her appearance, making her look even more striking than her usual self.

Makeup has the power to create a significant difference in how women appear, sometimes even leading to a transformation beyond recognition.

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If You Have Money Help Don’t Blame, Everybody Is Going Through A Lot, – Kemity Advise

Renowned actress and filmmaker, Kemity, recently expressed her heartfelt concerns on her official social media account, lamenting the absence of a retirement plan in the movie industry.

In an emotional video, Kemity revealed that she has been witnessing numerous comments online about the lack of a retirement safety net for actors.

She tearfully explained that actors might work tirelessly on a movie set for a week and only receive meager pay like 30k, while others might get 100k or 150k. She urged people to refrain from criticizing celebrities who seek financial assistance on social media, as the unpredictable nature of their earnings makes planning for the future challenging