“The Prophetess Told Me He Was A Glorious Child, God’s General That Will Shake The World” – Mohbad’s Mum Reveals The Prophecy About Mohbad Before His Birth (Read Full Speech)

In a recent interview with TVC, the mother of the late singer Mohbad shared what a prophetess had foretold about her son before his birth.

In her words:

‘My firstborn was about two years old when my husband’s elder sister who was a prophetess told me that she saw a vision that the baby I will have next is a glorious child who God will be sending to the world for a purpose, he will have special mercy on me his mum and that he will shake the whole of Nigeria. His name will be called ILERIOLUWA(God’s Promise). He will be God’s general. That baby is Mohbad. The world is so wicked. I now fear the world more’

Watch video below;