“The reason I sobbed when my daughter urged me to get married so she could have a father” – Actress Bimpe Akintunde shares a memory as she celebrates her daughter’s birthday.

Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde has recounted a heartwarming story about her daughter, Princess Amida, on her birthday. Bimpe shares an emotional tale on her Instagram page about her daughter’s innocent plea for a father figure, which moved her to tears.

Bimpe took to Instagram to share a poignant narrative of her daughter’s unwavering desire for a fatherly presence. Princess Amida frequently urged her mother to find a partner and expressed her longing for a father, even confiding in Bimpe’s sister about her heartfelt wish.

Bimpe acknowledges that these requests deeply affected her, causing her to shed tears, express frustration, and lament over her inability to fulfill her daughter’s longing for a father. Despite her sincere efforts, she found it challenging to locate a suitable partner, which left her feeling disheartened.

Bimpe Akintunde, the Yoruba actress, discloses that her daughter also expressed a strong desire for siblings and would often request them. In such instances, Bimpe would encourage her daughter to pray to God for her wishes.

At present, Bimpe expresses immense gratitude as her daughter has discovered a father figure in her husband. The deep connection they have formed brings Bimpe great happiness and a profound sense of appreciation.

Bimpe Akintunde birthday note to her daughter

“Dear Daughter, I want to specifically congratulate you as Almighty choose to answer your request and prayers… Do you know that @iamprincessamida knew I do not have a husband? Precisely when she was 5 years old, she said n I quote ‘Only you will be sleeping in this Everyday!! You don’t have a husband!! Go and Marry O’ on this day, I cried!!! Same time she told my sister in love n assuming I have a father now!!! I was devastated!!! I cried, complained, and lamented that after all I am trying my best for her, as she continue to grow she keeps asking for siblings.

Every time she complains that is bored and needs younger ones to play with. I told her to pray to God to send me A Good husband. It was really hard on me!!! But I kept going, working, praying, and hoping God to send us a good man!!! And the Lord answered our prayer and sent us A REAL Life King HRM OBA YOUSUPH OLAWALE AKANNI GANIYU (OBA MINNESOTA USA). Their bond is admirable, @iamprincessamida is just like me, she gets used to ppls easily but I respect her Spirit because once you Hurt me, Sweetie will not even remember you nor ask after you.

As much as I am Happy am sure my daughter is more happier with this Special Gift from Almighty. Allah.
Dear Daughter, congratulations as the Lord bless you with a great man as a father and guardian.
And I want to say a very big thank you to my darling husband for taking sweetie as his own daughter and showing her Fatherly Love. May Almighty Allah make this journey for us all.
Happy 1st Sunday of the Month Fam”.

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