“The Reason Why I refused to move in with your stepfather, Paulo” – Iyabo Ojo opens up to daughter Priscilla

Iyabo Ojo shared a viral video where she confided in her daughter, explaining her decision not to move in with her partner, Paulo.

During a playful exchange in an episode of “Rich Housewives of Lagos,” actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla Ojo, teased her mother about when she would eventually move in with her significant other.

In response to her daughter’s question, Iyabo Ojo mentioned that she is still getting to know Paulo and that they are not yet married.

She emphasized that cohabitation requires a deeper level of understanding between them.

In her words; “We are not married yet and I’m still studying him.”

Iyabo also playfully mentioned that Priscilla now has an “elder sister” and an “elder brother” who is just one month older than her, referring to Paulo’s children.

She said; “Priscilla has always wanted a younger sibling now she has gotten an elder sister and an elder brother who is just one month older than her.”

Netizens have praised the strong bond between Iyabo Ojo and her daughter, Priscilla. The playful banter between the two on the reality show showcased their close relationship and the comfort they have in teasing each other.

@mary commented: “Mother and daughter they are very cute.”

@Edobaeby reacted: “Na so.”

@EbbyE said: “Elder.”

See the video below;