“There is no justification for biting the finger that fed you, so don’t be an ING®ATE” – Yomi Fabiyi drag Mo Bimpe in the mud as he reveal more hidden secrets about her

Yomi Fabiyi has voiced his disapproval of his former protégée, Bimpe Oyebade, also known as Mo Bimpe, regarding her response to his highly debated interview.

In light of Famous9ja’s coverage of Yomi Fabiyi’s revelations about their purported sexual relationship, Mo Bimpe issued a reply to his remarks.

Yomi Fabiyi conveyed his exasperation at being unjustly criticized concerning his disagreements with Mo Bimpe, someone he asserted to have mentored.

The actor, notorious for his controversial nature, revealed the circumstances of his initial encounter with the actress. He recounted receiving a message from her while he was preparing to release a new film.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, he crossed paths with Mo Bimpe in 2016, just as he was about to commence filming his movie. At that time, she was serving as a youth corps member and expressed a keen interest in acting.

He also detailed their journey together, describing how he mentored her for the role she played and how he bridged the gap to ensure that esteemed Nollywood artists were not deterred by her lack of experience.

In what appeared to be a response, Mo Bimpe took to social media, stating that she is currently focused on enjoying life during her “soft woman era.”

Yomi Fabiyi did not let this statement go unnoticed. He called out the actress by sharing a video featuring his successful students.

In a lengthy caption, Yomi Fabiyi highlighted how some individuals selfishly undermine the support provided to innocent individuals on their path to realizing their destinies.

He also taunted Mo Bimpe for failing to acknowledge his contributions to her career, asserting that there is no excuse for biting the hand that fed them.

He wrote, “You can’t buy CLASS. You can be anything, but please don’t be an INGRATE.

This is a LADDER many innocent people are climbing to fulfil their destiny. Any attempt to burn, destroy, or defame it after using it for selfish purposes will be resisted by every noble means.

There is no excuse for biting the finger that fed you or destroying the ladder you used up. Association of ingrates and users will never take over an industry that is surviving on the bedrock of a Culture of Gratitude, Culture of Respect, and Culture of Talent Discovery.

Manage your expectations and desperation. DO NOT BURN BRIDGES. It will hunt and hurt you forever. DON’T DECEIVE, DON’T LEAD PEOPLE ON, DON’T USE PEOPLE AND, DON’T DESTROY OTHERS INTENTIONALLY, DON’T CUT CORNERS. It doesn’t end well. Be positively desperate only.”