“These ones want lure me into loosing my second leg, EMI IDAN I show them shege”– Jigan Babaoja Says As He Ran For His Life On A Movie Set (Watch)

Jigan Babaoja, a well-known Yoruba actor and film producer, delighted his Instagram followers by sharing a humorous video from a movie set titled “Accident.”

In the video series, the director instructed Jigan to walk and act angrily on the road, while another person drove a car at a speed of 100ms and playfully pretended to hit Jigan’s leg.

When the director inquired if Jigan could perform the scenes, his manager confidently replied with a “yes,” and Jigan nodded in agreement.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, when it was time to shoot his scene, Jigan suddenly ran away and hid inside a bush. Despite efforts to locate him, he kept expressing fear, insisting that someone was after his second leg.

He Wrote: These ones want lure me into loosing my second leg 🦵 I show them shege

Watch The Video Below;