“This Angel Fine Sha, But Am Finer Than Her. Abi What’s Your Thoughts”– Actor Rotimi Salami Says As He Playfully Compares Him and His Wife Beauty Together

Nollywood actor Rotimi Salami posted a lovely photo featuring himself and his wife, playfully engaging in a friendly beauty comparison.

He playfully encouraged his followers to join in the fun by comparing their appearances and letting him know who they believe is more beautiful. With a hint of humor, he expressed his guess that he might be the more handsome one in the picture compared to his wife.

He refers to his wife as ‘Adufe’ which is the lineage or traditional name of his wife.

Looking at the pictures the wife is beautiful even more than salami, my own belief is that a woman is always more beautiful than a man.

Though men too, are always handsome but not to the extent of female when comparing both together.

You can choose who is more beautiful by checking the pictures below

Kindly slide for the second picture

A D U F E✨✨✨✨

This Angel is fine sha

But I guess I am finer…🙄

Check slide 2 and lemme know what you think 😜.

See The Picture Below;