“This is Far Beyond Me” Adunni Ade Gets Emotional as she Ranked Alongside Mo Abudu, Funke Akindele, others (Photo)

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade experienced a surge of emotions as she received recognition alongside renowned individuals such as Mo Abudu, Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, and several others.

Adunni Ade found herself filled with gratitude after being featured among the esteemed names such as Mo Abudu, Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, and Biodun Stephen on the Nigerian Box Office’s list of the most influential women in filmmaking for the year 2022. The honor bestowed upon her left her feeling deeply appreciative.

On her Instagram page, Adunni Ade expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation. She shared that when she began her Nollywood journey ten years ago, she viewed Funke Akindele as a source of inspiration. Adunni revealed that Funke Akindele’s iconic character, Jenifa, had a profound impact on her conduct whenever she interacted with Nigerians during her time in Kentucky.

Adunni fondly reminisced about a personal encounter with Funke Akindele in New York, where she discovered her to be an incredibly kind-hearted individual.

“Being celebrated alongside these remarkable women in the film industry is beyond my wildest dreams. Throughout my journey as an actor and emerging filmmaker, I have encountered women who have greatly influenced me.

When I made the decision to enter Nollywood ten years ago, I looked up to sis @funkejenifaakindele. Her character as ‘Jenifa’ reflected my own behavior whenever I encountered Nigerians in Kentucky. I had the privilege of meeting her in New York, and she turned out to be the most delightful soul! Her charisma was captivating, and I always anticipated the day we would collaborate, which eventually happened in Season 2 of Jenifa.

You have been incredibly supportive, and I am immensely grateful! Without even realizing it, @jadeosiberu, your film ‘Sugar Rush’ inspired me to create my own project. I was moved to tears when I watched it, and it immediately sparked my planning to make a film. I actually reached out to her to direct ‘SOOLE.’ Although we haven’t worked together yet, it is something I eagerly anticipate!

My sister @biodunstephen, I met you when I first arrived in the country. I always looked forward to the day when we would join forces, and after a decade, that day has finally come. I cannot wait for the world to witness your incredible creations.

Thank you, Aunty @moabudu, for having me in ‘Sons of the Caliphate.’ I admire your unwavering commitment to filmmaking!

@filmoneng, thank you for this opportunity. The journey doesn’t end here! We continue to forge ahead! Stay tuned for two new projects coming your way soon.”