“This Is Not Right” -Nollywood Actor Yomi Fash Lansho Questions Private School Owner Over Students Wearing Coats Or Ties In Hot Weather (Video)

Actor Yomi Fash-Lanso recently voiced his dissatisfaction with private schools mandating students to wear coats and ties during hot weather conditions.

Known for his role in “Wura,” he shared his concerns in an Instagram video on Wednesday.

Fash-Lanso urged school owners to prioritize weather-appropriate attire for their pupils, emphasizing the importance of understanding Nigeria’s climate for comfortable dressing.

“This is just an honest observation but I want all of us to look at it, and be truthful, particularly we that we have children in this school, particularly private schools. Our weather should be of concern to all private school owners, they need to understand the kind of weather we have and make sure that their pupils dress according to the weather.

“If the weather is hot, why ask the pupils to put on ties, suits, put on coats? Haba even adults, when they put on ties, put on coats, put on suits, they sweat like Christmas goats not to talk of children, teenagers and you don’t understand the health issues of each child.

“It will be better if it is summertime, the weather is hot, tell them to just yank off the coast and dress down a bit so that the heat will not affect them and when it’s winter when it’s rainy season, ask them to put on their coats to keep them warm,” Yomi said.

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Nana_asumah wrote: Uniform is a money spinning business for school owners and if they don’t give that exotic in quote look to parents to are very vain minded, they believe they won’t be able to convince them to pay such money!.

Babatee.1 wrote: Copy Copy too much dem forget to change clothes. Just like copying someone Surname in Examination Hall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Nice Observation 🔥🔥🔥.

Shushu_official wrote: It’s all in the bid to place a high price tag in form of school fees. They figured the Tie, jacket (not to forget) the rattan hat gives it the convincing packaging that it is an international school, ignoring the hot weather.

Olayinka_lizzy wrote: Well said sir…. Is not by have 5 different uniforms but having those uniforms to suit different weathers too. You are on point sir🙌.

Mammaflakkie wrote: Even the Oyinbo people that we are copying, dress to suit the weather! Nigerians always doing their own thing at the extreme. I hope they will hear and make use of this piece!