“This Is Not The Time To Be Blaming Or Fighting One Another” – Bukunmi Oluwashina defend Toyin Abraham as fans accused her of sabotaging Mohbad’s peaceful protest

Popular Nigerian actress Bukunmi Oluwashina has come forward to defend her colleague Toyin Abraham against allegations of undermining a peaceful protest organized to seek justice for the late singer Mohbad.

In a recent statement, Bukunmi Oluwashina expressed her support for Toyin Abraham and criticized the accusations as “completely baseless and unfair.”

The cancellation of the planned peaceful protest, initially organized by actress Iyabo Ojo, had raised suspicions and doubts among fans concerning Toyin Abraham’s role.

Some people speculated that Toyin Abraham might have been connected to the cancellation, which resulted in criticism and accusations on social media.

See some reactions below:

– Aunty Iyabo you have to understand a lot of the youths don’t trust Toyin. It is honestly what it is because she is not our focus right now. There are other ways to pay respect to Mohbad tomorrow by going live with us and we can have a dialogue about Mohbad’s case!

An open honest and transparent conversation.

Also, a lot of people might think she is there to sabotage the whole movement while this might not be the truth, a good number of people have distrust for Toyin Abraham.

Why was it she who got the call, why not you directly? I mean I am only thinking out loud and I am saying we don’t know what her true intentions are.

She needs to fix her relationship with many Nigerians. You can have your political point of view and still choose the part of truth and justice.

One thing we love about you is that you are true to yourself even if you are standing alone not many in your industry can say the same is true for them.

Like you said we are not distracted, let us use your platform to speak up for Mohbad. You have fans in the United States who also want to be a part of your amazing foundation. I love and respect you a lot! @iyaboojofespris

– She can’t be trusted, she’s in a way connected to these people, l know you understand sis. Please be careful around her, we will appreciate if she’s not included in this anymore, we don’t want them to use her against this justice we are seeking. Anywhere belle face, that’s her personality. @iyaboojofespris please sis

– Toyin na informant

Bukunmi’s Reactions

Reacting to this, Bukunmi Oluwashina took to the comment sections to address the situation and voice her support for Toyin Abraham. In her statement, “Please, this is not the time to be fighting or blaming one another. @toyin_abraham was actually the first person to share the news of the peaceful walk with me. Telling me to also mobilize people in advance from my end, discussing their welfare and the rest. I’m surprised some people are suddenly blaming her and calling her a snitch. Ko da naw. Please stop the abuse and accusations. It’s totally wrong and unfair. 🙏🙏”

Nkechi Blessing also defend Toyin, she wrote, Me sef dey the group,so ya all kindly stop with all d insults on world best please,this is not the time to be distracted🙏🏻 she’s human and has blood running thru her vein,Abeg oooo🙏🏻

See Bukunmi and Nkechi Blessing’s post below: