“This Is Too Much! How Can You Carry Adult Like A Baby”— Odunlade Adekola Stir Massive Reaction As He Carry Anty Seyifunmi Like His Baby

Odunlade Adekola sparked a huge reaction with his interaction with Seyifunmi, a short-statured individual present at his birthday celebration.

The sight of Odunlade Adekola carrying Seyifunmi as one would cradle a baby sparked discussions about how he might carry an adult in a similar manner.

He even danced while holding her in his arms.

He appreciates everyone that turn out for his birthday ceremony.

He Wrote: Thanks for coming I appreciate you all.

Revolutiongospelmission wrote: kind thing for overseas na lawsuit o. Did she ask him to carry her? She could easily sue him for sexual assault especially him being a celebrity. Easy money loading.

Aremooba_wrote: Happy 1 year birthday to your daughter 😂😂😂 This Egbon no go kill person with laugh

Johnjoy295 wrote: Na person serious girlfriend u carry like baby so o😂😂😂

Mcstevolar wrote: Happy birthday to you sir ❤️wish you long life and prosperity in Jesus name ❤️

Oluwakemiadeyinkaidowu wrote:Happy birthday to you sir, wish you long life and prosperity ijn

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