“This is very wrong, you’re disrespecting Christians” – Singer Asake dragged online over ‘Only Me’ video (Video)

Renowned Nigerian singer, Asake, has ignited a storm of controversy on social media with the debut of his latest music video for the chart-topping hit ‘Only Me’.Signed under Olamide’s YBNL, Asake announced the release of the music video on Thursday, February 29th, 2024.

Signed under Olamide’s YBNL, Asake announced the release of the music video on Thursday, February 29th, 2024.

Directed by TG Omori, the music video unfolds with Asake dressed in priestly attire, administering communion in a scene reminiscent of a sacred church setting.

Adding to the spectacle, his team of video vixens mirrored the solemn attire of altar servers, embodying the dutiful assistants who aid priests during religious ceremonies.

The video has stirred up a storm of condemnation on social media, especially on platform X, where users have vehemently accused Asake, who identifies as a Muslim, of consistently disrespecting the Christian faith.

Some users referred to a scene from his ‘Bandana’ video, wherein black goats infiltrate a church, as further evidence to support their claims.

Reacting an X user identified as @Solomon_Buchi wrote; “Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos. Dramatizing giving the Eucharist, robed up in priestly regalia for a music video that has no connection with Christianity is disrespectful. In his Bandana video, he depicts black goats troping into the church, with cloven tongues of fire above weird men.

Asake, I think, is a Muslim. Why doesn’t he go above and beyond to embarrass his Muslim faith in this same way? Why do Christians even listen to these musicians who bluntly disrespect Christianity?”

@sire_hades said; “This not the first time, asake olamide and the entire ybnl are disrespecting Christians. Asake is a Muslim let him shoot his video in a mosque wearing an iman’s robe. If you’re a Christian and you’re still an asake fan, you’re a big f00l!”

@rukky_nate commented; “Christianity is the actual religion of peace, tolerance and the gullible. The faith enjoins all to live in harmony, love and defend its name without chopping off heads. And that’s why folks like Asake; a Muslim could make a caricature of Christianity with zero repercussions.”

Watch the video below;