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“This Is What I Love Doing Must”– Seyi Edun Says As She reaches out to the orphanage and less privilege in celebration of her birthday (Video)

Seyi Edun, a well-known actress in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, upholds her yearly tradition of offering assistance to the underprivileged as part of her birthday celebration.

Through her Instagram account, the gifted actress shared a photograph of herself feeding children on the streets, displaying her compassionate deed.

As a mother of twins, Seyi Edun expressed her profound fulfillment in extending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate, underscoring her sincere pleasure in making a meaningful difference in their lives.

“Best way to reach out… I love doing this”.

Adeniyi Johnson Mark Wife Seyi Edun Birthday

The talented actor Adeniyi Johnson is overjoyed today as he celebrates the birthday of his beloved wife, Seyi Edun. This special occasion is an opportunity for Adeniyi Johnson to express his love, admiration, and appreciation for the woman who brings light and happiness into his life.

Adeniyi Johnson, known for his remarkable acting skills and charismatic presence, took to social media to shower his wife with heartfelt wishes and affectionate messages. In a touching tribute, he shared a series of beautiful photos capturing their special moments together, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that encapsulates the depth of his love for Seyi.

In his message, Adeniyi Johnson expressed how Seyi Edun has been his pillar of strength and a constant source of inspiration throughout their journey together. He praised her for her unwavering support, kindness, and dedication, which have played a significant role in his personal and professional growth.