“This is what I want and I got it” – Tiktoker speaks after being blasted for having a child at 18

An 18-year-old Nigerian TikToker, known as Chidinma, faced criticism after opening up about her experience of becoming a mother at a young age.

Sharing her story of getting pregnant while underage drew significant attention.

Some empathized with her for the challenges of being abandoned by the child’s father after giving birth, while others questioned why she became pregnant at 17.

In response to the criticism, Chidinma expressed her contentment with having her child despite the circumstances.

She highlighted that her child brings her solace and is her source of comfort through it all.

She added that her child is her only bundle of joy whom she wanted and had regardless of being abandoned by the baby daddy responsible for the pregnancy.

“Ma, it’s not my fault; it wasn’t intentional buh I don’t see my baby as a mistake to me coz right now, he’s my happiness. The one only person I can talk to. Won;t you like to have ur own happiness sis?? What you like may not be what I like. This is what I want and I got it. At least I have my own happiness right now since the father left us,” she wrote.

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