“This Life No Balance, So You Left Your Wife Because Of Your Side Chic” Reactions As Actor Bolanle Ninalowo Shares Actress Damilola Adegbite Photo

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo, who finalized his divorce last month, is facing criticism from fans after he posted a photo of his colleague on his Instagram page, accompanied by a caption featuring a rose emoji.

Ninalowo wrote:

🌹 Tag her..


Some comments online:

@Amissahofficial Wait oo was it not just last 2 months this man divorced?WTH

_lanleriyke: There’s something I keep saying, if you are in marriage and your husband is not beating you, I don’t want to know d reason why you should leave him, especially when you both had kids together, see a man will be a man and man will never get old to remarry 😍as for you woman different men will keep carrying you and dump you, so why can’t you just be with d one Una start together and have kids.. but most of my gender want to mingle and be single mothers cos they don’t want any man control them… Remember there’s no respect ✊🏻 for a woman that doesn’t have a crown 👑 read again… ur man is cheating you decide to leave him. My sisters I pity you 👌


@adedamee she is beautiful. If na film, congratulations. If na real life something, what matters is your happiness


Okay okay okay make anybody know touch my MAKA ooo


welcome ma because i don dey crush on him oooooo 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️


With due respect @iamnino_b i don’t know what all this tag her means,if you have fallen in love again or planning to settle down again,my little advise is why are you in a RUST,marriage is not for the weak,any misunderstanding your hurry for divorce,i say again RELAX,honoursly this is not a curse but i bet any man or woman who can’t trash out shit from he or her marriage,peradventure the marriage collapse,trust me remarry is not the option,most women are similar in attitude believe me or disagree with me,same to man,anyone that have faulty have faulty,i don’t really know what caused you and your first wife to divorce,marriage of many years,now you want to start other marriage right???ok that is fine,my fews question to know,can you control what caused damaged control that lead to divorce ???? Your background how is marriage over there i mean from your father and mother’s side,that is why it is also importance to check the background of the lady you are about to settle down,how was her previsious relationship ???? Boyfriend and girlfriend are sweet to handle but immediately it enter marriage,MR iamnino it is not for the weak or quick to end stuff,not considering the children what dey will go through,when marriage break up children suffer most,so relax,this is too early for just a marriage that divorced when??? Meaning you and this this lady have been having secret affair when you are with your ex wife,men are polygmous in nature,but relax don’t rust ok