“This Love No Go Die “– Famous Yoruba Actor Itele Stir Reaction As He Share Love-up Picture With Damilola Oni

Famous actor and filmmaker Ibrahim Yekini Bakare, also known as Itele Icon, recently shared delightful photos with Damilola Oni, a TV presenter and actress, on his official social media account. The talented duo is currently portraying romantic roles in a movie, and their affectionate moments have captured the hearts of their fans.

In the images, both Itele Icon and Dami can be seen wearing bright smiles and striking lovely poses for the camera. Their fans were overwhelmed with joy and showered them with love emojis, expressing their adoration.

Itele Icon is widely acclaimed as an outstanding actor and filmmaker in the Yoruba movie industry. With an impressive filmography comprising numerous successful movies, he has become a household name. Balancing a fulfilling personal life as a happily married individual with beautiful children, Itele Icon enjoys a thriving career.

In contrast, Damilola Oni is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, showcasing her skills as a TV presenter, show host, actress, and filmmaker. With her remarkable talent and captivating presence, she has established herself as a prominent figure in Nollywood. Although she prefers to maintain privacy regarding her romantic life and refrains from sharing details online, her professional achievements continue to sparkle brightly.

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