“This Man Don Take Am Serious ooh”– Mixed Reaction As Actor Bolanle Ninalowo Deletes All His Wife’s Pictures From Instagram Few Days Amidst Marriage Crisis

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo recently deleted all pictures of his wife, Bunmi Ninalowo, from his Instagram profile shortly after publicly disclosing their divorce.

Having been married for a span of 16 years, the couple attributed “irreconcilable differences” as the reason behind their separation.

The revelation of their divorce has generated widespread reactions among Nigerians on social media, eliciting a mix of astonishment and sorrow from many.

Certain social media users have attributed the couple’s public displays of affection as a contributing factor to their breakup, while others have raised doubts about the credibility of their reconciliation following their initial separation.

Another user, Bash Anthony, commented on X (formerly Twitter): “After all the paparazzi and public display of affection, I have said it severally that the only way to redeem the union of marriage is intrafamily marriage, siblings should be allowed to marry each other.

“There is an existing family bond that cannot be broken, moreover, not marrying a sibling means marrying someone with divers and different cultural, religious and family upbringing, religiously, we all came from one man in the first place which is Adam.”

@Henrietta_bby wrote: “Well, however you claim that you can forgive cheating, you might never forget and that’s when it all begins.”

Obikoya Adebowale wondered: “I don’t understand why celebrities’ marriages don’t last these days.”