“This Man Is A Confused Human Being” – Toyin Lawani Husband Praise Her Wife Nearly 24hrs Of Crying Out For Help

Segun Wealth, the husband of renowned celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, seems to have employed social media strategies to generate buzz around his new music. In a recent post, he shared a touching video with his wife, expressing his profound affection for her and recognizing her significant role in his life.

Segun views Toyin Lawani as his muse and a source of inspiration, expressing heartfelt gratitude to God for bringing them together.

“(Bless the waters that brought us together)
You’re my rhythm
You influence my harmony
You are my inspiration
With you I’m blessed
And ehhhh
I’m always inspired every day and night
You are special
You’re the one that quench my thirst like water
You are the one that makes me flow right
Thank you always

Famous9ja Recalled That Segun Wealth, Toyin Lawani’s husband, revealed his emotional breakdown and the pain he is experiencing in his marriage, despite putting on a facade of happiness. The celebrity photographer, who married Toyin Lawani, a single mother, about two years ago, expressed his feelings on his Instagram story.

Segun Wealth candidly confessed that the perfect marriage image he projected to the public was merely an act, and he is exhausted from playing that role. In a lengthy note, he emphasized that his age is not on his side anymore, and his marriage to Toyin Lawani has caused him too many tears and hardships.