“This one go sabi fight for woman o” – Kid pushes dad away from his mum during a photoshoot session (VIDEO)

The viral video depicting a young boy attempting to intervene during a family photoshoot has stirred diverse reactions.

In the clip, the boy is seen repeatedly trying to separate his parents as they pose for a picture. His persistent efforts result in accidentally causing his dad to fall to the ground, sparking a range of responses from viewers.

The video which was shared on Instagram by @elohoooo came with the caption; “POV: father and son dragging one babe.”

Netizens who came across the video, shared their individual reactions via the comment section underneath the post.

Below are some of the reactions,

@the_tommiox_brand: I like the way he fell😂. And that is how any body that comes in between what God has joined will fall😭

@L.tobiloba: They need a daughter to balance the equation, atleast make wife get rival too

@_pre_shie: This one go sabi fight for woman o😹😹😹😹

@skinny_dimples: Look @ him, he still went back until his cap fell off😂… very funny cute jealous boy 😊

@tech_xi: Why u go Dey kiss person babe for him front ? 😂😂😂

@godson_allsom: Make me and another small man call son 😂 no drag my wife oo 🤲🏻

@enii___ola: Very good, same way female children snatches their dad from their mom 😂😂😂

@official_peaceful_peace: The Way he looked at the camera man 😂

Watch the video below;