“To the man that cut my teeth in the theatre space” Veteran Yoruba Actor Dele Odule Celebrate Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi on his 80th Birthday

As the veteran actor Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi, also known as Baba Amoye or Paadi Mikailu, celebrates his 80th birthday, heartfelt tributes are flowing in.

One such tribute came from actor Dele Odule, who took to his Instagram page to write a note acknowledging Pa Olatunbosun describing him as the man that cut his teeth in the theatre space.

Dele Odule went on to praise Pa Olatunbosun as an exceptional mentor and boss, emphasizing that his immense passion, dedication, and wisdom have greatly influenced numerous careers, including Dele Odule’s own.

Sending his heartfelt prayers, Dele Odule enthusiastically cheered for many more years of Pa Olatunbosun’s ability to create magic both on and off the stage.

“To the individual who played a fundamental role in shaping my early theater experiences, I described you as an extraordinary mentor and boss. Your wise passion, dedication, and wisdom have had a profound impact on countless careers, including mine. I extend my prayers and best wishes to you

Happy 80th birthday to an extraordinary mentor and boss! Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi aka Baba Amoye, a.k.a Paadi Mikailu.

Your passion, dedication, and wisdom have shaped countless careers, including mine. May this milestone year bring you joy, fulfillment, and a standing ovation for all you have accomplished. Thank you for inspiring us all and being a guiding light in our artistic journeys. Here’s to many more years of creating magic on and off the stage”.

See his lost below;