“Toor! Which Kind Alfa AI Be This Nitori Olorun”– Reaction As Lawyer Kunle Turn Himself Into Ilorin AI Video Trend Online (Watch)

The well-known Comedian Cute Abiola recently posted a video where he imitated Titik, the popular human AI on TikTok, while Lawyer Kunle humorously referred to himself as Ilorin AI, dressing in the style typical of Ilorin residents.

In the video, Lawyer Kunle was seen sporting the customary “big lawani” (a local headgear in Ilorin) as he mimicked the famous TikTok AI girl’s mannerisms and style.

He keep speaking jagons with Yoruba mixture as he continues to mimick the ladies in question.

Fans and celebraties keep asking if he take something that is affecting him, may that stuff is really affecting him because why on earth will someone wake up early in the morning and decide to turn himself into an AI.

Had to do it ! 🤣 ILORIN A I.

Watch The Video Below;

See How Netizenz reacted to Lawyer Kunle Video Representing Himself As Ilorin AI Below;

Lolade_okunsanya wrote: 😂😂😂 Oh lord😂 Is it not too early for me to be laughing this hard?🤣🤣🤩.

Official_cruzboy wrote: I have a strong feeling that the person reading this will own a house this year. Claim it 🙏

Olanike_gold Wrote: I no no wetin I go type for dis guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 abi kini gbogbo eleyi bayi.

Bobodeeofficial wrote: Nah your Ogba is in another dimension egbon and e think gan💯 cus what?!😂😂😂.

Cashie_pounds_ wrote: Waything them give this bro drink this morning like this 😂😂.

Readwise001 wrote: Walai this our role model no won well again cos what is all these now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣