“Una Come Say Make I Kiss This One”– Actress Damilola Oni Says As Jigan Babaoja Could Not Swim, Rush Out Of The Pool By People (Watch)

Jigan Babaoja, who has been in the recent spotlight, posted a video on his Instagram account featuring Baba Tee, Yemi Elesho, and his manager in a brief comedy sketch.

The sketch involves a scene of swimming in a pool, with Baba Tee initially assigned to take on the task.

However, due to the pool’s depth, he hesitates. Jigan’s manager steps in to accept the challenge, but upon entering the pool, he’s met with an unexpected sight that prompts him to request a refund of their money.

This has stirred a lot of reaction online, with actress Damilola Oni Sayings imagining someone she was asked to Kizz.

The actress say: Una come say make I kiss this one😩🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jigan Who is fond of always wanting to be everywhere takes a few minutes to reply to the actress, insisting she will be forced to do it later.

Jigan Wrote: @thedamilolaoni you will be force to do it just watch

Watch The Video Below:

See their conversation below;