“Value Our Efforts Now That We’re Still Alive” – Veteran Actor Baba Lawori cries out after criticizing them for seeking Help

Baba Lawori, the revered veteran actor Ibrahim Bello Sanyay, is pushing back against critics who criticize aging actors for seeking financial aid on social media platforms.

Drawing upon his extensive talent and experience, Baba Lawori calls upon people to recognize the significant contributions made by veteran actors and lend them support during challenging times.

In recent periods, a multitude of seasoned actors have turned to social media platforms to request financial help for various purposes, including medical bills and sustenance aid.

Regrettably, these pleas have garnered criticism and negative remarks from certain factions. Consequently, Baba Lawori has taken a stand to defend his fellow actors.

He said, “Let us not wait until someone’s passing to drive miles to make an appearance. It’s unfair for those who have never shown support in any way to suddenly post RIP and exhibit fake love after the person’s demise.”

“Imagine legendary figures resorting to social media to reveal their struggles, only to face senseless comments suggesting they are using it as a means to beg for money. Shouldn’t we take notice before they continue to succumb, one by one, to financial difficulties? Please appreciate us while we are still alive.”