“Very Humble Person, They Never See It Coming”– Fans Says As Fuji Taiye Currency Prostrate To Greet Kwam 1 At 60th Birthday

Taye Currency, the renowned Fuji musician, shared a touching moment of humility and respect on his Instagram page. The occasion was the 60th birthday celebration of Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, also known as Fuji Merenge, in Ibadan, Oyo State.

In the heartwarming video, Taye Currency appeared joyous, wearing a bright smile as he expressed his deep reverence for Wasiu Ayinde Marshall by humbly prostrating himself flat on the floor to greet him. Following the gesture, Wasiu Ayinde offered prayers for Taye Currency, and they warmly embraced each other.

The video also captured the presence of other prominent figures from the Fuji music scene, such as General Killington Ayinla. He, too, participated in the celebration and was seen placing his hand on Taye Currency’s head while offering a heartfelt prayer for him. The event marked a significant gathering of talented Fuji musicians who came together to honor and celebrate the iconic Fuji Merenge on his special day in Ibadan.

In his Instagram post, he expressed his presence at the 60th birthday celebration of Alhaji Rasheed Ayinde Merenge. He extended heartfelt wishes to Alhaji Rasheed Ayinde for a long life filled with prosperity, good health, and wealth. Additionally, he sent a special greeting to Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, hoping for a long and prosperous life on behalf of everyone. He also didn’t forget to acknowledge General Killington Ayinla, praying for his well-being with the phrase “Baami kee pe fun wa” which translates to “May our father live long for us.”

Watch the video below;