Veteran yoruba actor Babatunde Bamgbode Fokoko rejoices as his daughter begins her NYSC journey

Babatunde Bamgbode, the acclaimed actor affectionately known as Fokoko, beams with immense pride and joy as his daughter embarks on her journey in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Across various social media platforms, the thespian enthusiastically celebrated his daughter’s induction into the NYSC program, where she joins the ranks of countless Nigerian youths committed to national service.

In his heartwarming online post, Fokoko shared snapshots of his daughter dressed in the distinctive NYSC uniform. Brimming with happiness and a sense of achievement, he conveyed his deep admiration and contentment for his daughter’s significant milestones while expressing gratitude to the divine for these precious blessings.

This momentous occasion not only symbolizes a new chapter in his daughter’s life but also highlights the actor’s genuine pride in her pursuit of contributing to the betterment of their nation.

In the heartwarming post, Fokoko shared photos of her daughter in NYSC uniform and expressed his excitement and pride for his daughter’s achievements, thanking God for the greats gifts.

He wrote “Congratulations joke I returned to Almighty Allah for the great gifts”

In another post, he worte, ” I returned all thanks to almighty Allah, Thank God congratulations to joke more successful story”

Fokoko’s celebratory message resonated with his fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, who joined in congratulating his daughter and wishing her a successful and fulfilling NYSC experience.